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If you searched for Window Screens Austin TX, you are looking for a  Bug & Insect Window Screens Austin TX Supplier or Solar Window Screens Austin TX Supplier.  To figure out exactly what kind of Window Screens Austin TX Supplier you are searching for, please read below where we describe the difference between the different types of window screens.

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When people search the internet for Window Screens Austin TX, they are looking for a supplier of window screens of some sort to be sourced within the Austin TX area. 

There are two types of window screens,  Insect (bug) Window Screens and Solar Window Screens.

On this page I will describe and explain what Insect (bug) Window Screens are, and here on my Solar Window Screens page I will explain what solar window screens are.

From these two pages, you will have a very clear understanding of the difference between the two types of window screens.  


Insect (bug) window screens :  The purpose of these screens is specifically to keep the flying insects (flying bugs) out.  These kind of screens, nor any other screen for that matter keep crawling insects and bugs out.  All screens simply sit into a track, and it's this track where the crawling insects will find their way past the window screen.  And if the bugs are small enough, they will crawl through the window screen fabric itself. 

Insect (bug) window screens fit within the opening portion of the window.  On rare occasions, a window manufacturer will make insect windows screens to fit over the entire window, the reason for this is unknown to me, it's not logical or purposeful,  never the less companies in the Austin TX area like Anderson Windows  do exactly this, they make full sized insect window screens that fit over the entire window on the outside of the window.  Occasionally you will have a crank out window, whereby you will have to put the insect (bug) window screen on the inside, as the window itself cranks out, for this purpose, yes you would need a full sized insect (bug) window screen.   For all other windows, windows that slide up or slide down, an Insect (bug) window screen will fit into that opening portion of your window.  The intention is to keep the flying bugs out. 

Today, Insect (bug) window screens are generally made from a fiberglass material.  This is the standard.  Years ago, the silver wire like material  known as "Aluminum Wire", was predominantly used.  If you can think back to a house built in the 1950s, you will remember a silver metal looking window screen fabric, this is the "Aluminum Wire" fabric.  It's a product that we can still build Insect (bug) window screens with today, but today it is not as good of a product as the fiberglass wire.  The aluminum wire is much harder to work with (to roll, build screens with) and it's not as sturdy / tough.  The aluminum wire of today is not as tough as the fiberglass wire, the aluminum wire of the 50s was exceptionally tough, but not what we have today.

The colors available form Phifer, the manufacturer of the Insect (bug) window screen fabrics are :
Fiberglass Wire - Charcoal & Gray
Aluminum Wire - Brite, Black & Charcoal

Some people want to screen in their porches, and they want to use Insect (bug) window screen material to do so, this is a great use for the Insect (bug) window screen fabric.   There are plenty of Insect (bug) Window Screens Austin TX suppliers out there that you can source this material from to do this yourself, or of course the internet is another great source for materials. 

At we are a reputable Insect (bug) Window Screens Austin TX installer, but we do not sell the materials for the do it yourself installations, we only sell our Insect (bug) Window Screens as an installed job.

TIP : If you need a single Insect (bug) Window Screen, or even a handful replaced on your home, my recommendation to you is to find a Window Screens Austin Shop that you can take these window screens to, to have repaired or rebuilt.  If you are missing a window screen and need one made, simply find a window screen elsewhere on the house that's the same size and take that window screen into the Window Screens Austin Shop and ask that they duplicate that screen for you.  By doing this, by doing a little leg work yourself, you will save a hundred or two hundred dollars.  For us, our minimum installation job is $310.  The reason for this is that we run a two person crew in the truck, and we make two trips, and the $310 incorporates the sales-tax.  If you only need one window screen built / repaired / replicated, taking it to a screen shop would likely cost you between $20-$30, saving you huge dollars. 


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