Do Solar Screens Work? 

Do solar screens work? 
How do solar screens work? 
Do solar screens work in the Winter?
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Do Solar Screens Work
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Do solar screens work?  Installing Solar Screens over your home's windows is the most effective thing you can do to shade the windows of your home from the sun to keep your windows cooler, and to keep the sun's rays out of your home, heating any and everything the rays come in contact with.  If the windows do not get the direct sun's rays, then solar window screens will be of no help.  During the Summer, if your windows get warm from the sun's direct rays, solar screens will keep them cool by shading them.

How do solar screens work?  Simply put, a solar screen is a shading device that fits over your window on the outside of the window designed to provide shade for that window.  The shading factors vary by the density of the fabric used to make the solar screens with.  At we only use two shading densities, the 80% and the 90% densities.  On our Questions and Answers we explain the differences between the two densities and when and where to use them on your home.  

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Do solar screens work in the Winter?  No, there are no benefits to solar screens in the winter (cooler) months.  Many websites out there will say crazy things like the solar screens provide a layer of protection for your windows to help insulate / keep the windows warmer.  This is just wrong.   To prove it to be wrong, I (Josh Hobbs) personally tested the glass temperature of two side-by-side windows, one with the solar screens and one without, with the outdoor temperature being 48 degrees, and found the outside pain glass temperature to be the same 57 degrees.  Both the windows that had the solar screen on it and the window without were the same temperature, 57 degrees. 




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