Solar Window Screen

On this Solar Window Screen installation, we covered 28 windows using a solar window screen 33 piece quantity
combination of 80% and 90% solar window screens.

Please read the following for a detailed description and illustration of this Solar Window Screen  installation.

The right and back side of this home angles to the West.  It's the West side of any home here in Austin TX that gets the brutal afternoon sun.  Especially a home like this that does not have any shade what so ever.  As you can see by the right side of this house, the house is getting blasted by the sun.  This solar window screen installation and these pictures were taken about 3pm in the afternoon.

The grouping of windows here on the right side all give light to the living room.  The living room of this home is a 2 story living room, whereby all these windows feed in to that living room.  In the afternoon, the living room was blazing hot, and the living room got a ton of unnecessary light form the sun.  Now form this solar window screen installation, the light is cut down dramatically form the sun, as the windows are shielded by the solar window screens, and the living room stays considerably cooler.  Because this side of the home gets more than 4 hours of direct afternoon sun, we used the 90% solar window screen fabric.

The above picture illustrates a rare solar window screen installation method for us.  The horizontal sliding window here required two separate screens, one for the left and one for the right side of the window.  99% of all horizontal sliding windows will take just one solar window screen to fit over the entire window, but this particular window would not allow for  such an installation as the window had so much mortar (stucco) over and around (on top of) the window's frame that we had no where to screw a screen to.   What we could do was use two solar windows screens which is what we did.  The solar window screen on the left side of the window fit just like the old bug screens, we made it to fit into the provided track which was there from the window manufacturer for the original insect (bug) window screen.  The left side of the window is the opening side of the window.  This solar window screen we built with pull tabs on the inside and leaf springs to hold by pressure the screen in place.  The solar window screen on the right, for the non-opening side of the window, we screwed to the windows frame. 

For a clear understanding of how we install our solar screens, please visit our solar window screen installations page on our website.


The color combination used for this solar window screen installation was the Chocolate fabric with Brown frame.   To learn more about our solar window screen color combinations, please visit our website where you see our colors and hundreds of high resolution pictures that will show you examples of all the color combinations on the many different homes we have installed the solar window screens on.

The windows surrounding the back patio door, including the back patio door were not in need of solar screens (aka Sun Screens), however for a consistent look both from the outside and from the inside looking out, we covered these windows with our solar window screens.   If these windows were not covered, the inside of the home would feel weird, as all the windows in that living room where these solar window screens are would be shaded except for these few, so for a uniform feel from the inside, it was best put a solar window screen on these windows and door even though it was not needed form a shading perspective.  

The installed sales-tax total cost for this 33 Solar Window Screen job was $1656.65.  To do a Solar Screens Austin TX estimate for your home, please visit our website where you find openly published our installed solar window screen pricing. Solar Window Screen Customer Review

Thank you both for providing such professional and reliable service.
Again, thank you!!
I will be calling once I have decided on the shade roller.  
Thanks, Elizabeth [re: 20]


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