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Benefits of Solar Screens - by Josh Hobbs

The benefits of solar screens shading your home’s windows from the sun are huge.  Solar screens simply put are shading device that mount on the outside of windows to provides shade for those windows. Unlike window film that’s installed on the inside glass pane of a window, a solar screen provides shade for the window and the glass of the window.  A solar screen is mounted on the outside of the window about an inch off the glass which places the solar screen between your window and the sun.   

The sun’s rays not only penetrate through a window to heat up anything the rays come in contact with, but very importantly the sun’s rays heat up the glass itself, causing the glass of a window to become a huge problematic source of radiant heat.  A solar screen will eliminate this, it will NOT only NOT allow the glass of a window to get hot from the sun’s rays, but it will also NOT allow the sun’s rays to penetrate in to the home through the window which would heat up anything the rays come in contact with like blinds and floors. 

Solar screens immensely provide shade for windows, they are like having a full shade tree between your window and the sun.   

Solar Screens are very effective at what they do.  If you have a hot room whereby you can tell a source of the heat is from your windows, a solar screen is your answer.  Outside of boarding up your window, it is the Number One answer to eliminating that window as a problematic source of heat for that room. 

 We offer two densities of our material, an 80% density and a 90% density.  The 80% density is the best option if you are choosing screens for your entire home.  The 90% offers 10% more shade, but at these levels, it is quite a bit.  So, if you are selectively looking to shade specific troublesome windows, windows that get more than 5 hours of direct West sun light, then the 90% material may be a better choice for you.  The 90% material does make the room a bit darker, but it is the most effective.    

Downloadable Article: Benefits of Solar Screens (Doc) 
Downloadable Article: Benefits of Solar Screens (PDF)


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Our Solar Screens installation service is for the following Texas cities and towns:
 Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Manor, Leander, Lakeway, Hutto, Buda, Kyle, Dripping Springs and Georgetown
We do not ship or do pick up order for our solar screens materials or our assembled solar screens. 
We strictly build and install all of our solar screens.  We are a solar screens installation service for the Austin TX area, we are not an internet provider of solar screens materials.


5 Star Ratings from Solar Screen Services Customers

Solar Screens

Great solar screen ! Great communication service.  Keep up the good work.  [re: 18B]

I was surprised how the solar screens look. I recommended your service to my neighbor and my friends. The pricing was reasonable. The process of ordering was easy to figure out. The promptness of service was to customer service. Will call again for the future service of austin solar screens. [re: 18A]

 My experience with Josh Hobbs was excellent. The whole experience was completed exactly as stated, every commitment for time were met. I love my solar screens and I can’t wait to finish the rest of my windows. My neighbors drove up shortly after I got home and the first thing they said to me was “we really likely your solar screens” I will definitely recommend you as a Solar Screens Austin supplier!!!!!! Dyan Miller [re: 17]

 We are very happy with our solar screens (blinds).  What a difference!  Thanks for the positive experience.  [re: 19A] Solar Screens Austin TX Customer

 Everything went as advertised!  Actually did what you said would do.  That was refreshing!  [re: 19B]

Thank you both for providing such professional and reliable service.  Again, thank you!!   I will be calling once I have decided on the shade roller.  Thanks, Elizabeth [re: 20]  Happy  Solar Window Screen Customer.
Nice job, thanks! –Lynn Unflat  [re: 08A]
Nice people, great service, very professional.  Thanks!  Robert Alexander  [re: 08B]

Thank you for your excellent service and you have a great product.  [re: 08C]

Great job! A very professional service was provided.  I would definitely recommend your services.  Thanks, Letha Woods  [re: 22]
Great job! I am so pleased with the whole process! From the initial meeting to the easy pay online and the results are fantastic!  Now that I keep hoping that I will have warm weather to test the solar screens out!!  Thanks so much! –Shelley  [re: 23]
 Thanks for an exceptionally good job!  The house looks great with the new solar screens.  Inside is greatly improved-beautiful and cool! –Lena and Gayle  [re: 25]
 Fantastic Job!  Look Great.
Thank you, Juanita Carson - Buda, TX [re: 28]
 After my new dog chewed and clawed through all 12 large solar screens on the back of my house, replacing them was a "must" in the heart of Texas.  Having been a small business owner, I know I wanted to support the same and didn't want a large company where I'd be lost in the fray.  Josh Hobbs fit the bill 110%.  I couldn't be happier.  The solar window screens were installed the day promised and my house was 3 degrees cooler when I arrived home from work. re: 30]
 Josh, We love them.  The solar screens made a HUGE difference in our master bedroom.  I know it was a small job, and I understand the narrow margin for profit , but the small job made a big difference to us.  In the future, we will consolidate the rest of our house, but with the arrival of our baby, money is tight & we needed to address the MBR ASAP.  You did a great job !  We will definitely use you in the future.  By the way, ordering on line was great !  John Hall 5736 Janabyrd Ln, Austin, TX [re: 31]
 Josh, You guys rock!  We are so pleased with our solar screens, and ordering them was so easy.  We definitely will tell all our friends about you.  Don & Kelly Targac, Round Rock, TX  re: 32]
Dear Josh Hobbs & Team,  Thank you for your quick turn around time and professional service.  We feel cooler already !  Best regards, Jackie Brown, Buda, TX [re: 33]
The solar screens ROCK !  Fantastic product and service !  Top notch.
Thanks Brad R, Hutto, TX [re: 34]
 To whom it may concern:  I am very pleased with the timely work and choices that I had.  Both were very professional.  I have already received compliments from passer byes.  I have also given out information and recommended this company.
Chuck Mullens, Dripping Springs, TX [re: 35]
Paula & Josh,  Awesome job !  We could tell immediately that the solar screens were working -the heat was STOPPED in it's TRACKS !!  Thanks for completing the job on the day promised.  Hopefully we'll be able to do the rest soon.  You will have our heartiest recommendation !
Thanks, Paula and Jim DeFees, Cedar Park, TX  [re: 36]
We L-O-V-E our new solar screens !  They look awesome, the house is cooler, and the added privacy is a bonus.  We really enjoyed working with you and we will certainly be sharing our positive experience with several other people.  
Thanks so much!  Michael & Lara Wortman, Cedar Park, TX [re: 37]
I returned home from vacation to find my new solar screens installed.  The house is much cooler on the inside and they're "look in" good on the outside too.  Thanks so much.  Your process was the easiest I've ever found that was also both reasonable and professionally bundled.
Mimi Purnell, Buda, TX    [re: 38]
 Everything was as easy as can be !  We love our new solar screens.  We have a great view & didn't want to "mess it up" with solar screens but to our delight, they did not detract from the view.  In fact, in the hot summer months we can see more [because we can leave the blinds open! Thanks ! Gina J, Kyle, TX  [re: 39]
 Josh & Paula, Thank you for making the experience pleasant.  Most businesses do not deliver as promised in their ads, but not only did you both deliver your product as promised, you made it simple for us, all the way around.  We've already noticed a temperature difference upstairs.  We will certainly recommend you to others.   Wishing you continued success. 
Cynthia Cisneros, Round Rock, TX [re: 40]
 Quite professional in their service -the project was completed as promised in a timely fashion.  The overall look provides the needed comfort within the home without sacrificing the beauty of the outdoors.  Paula and Josh should be trusted as a quality, small, local business ! [re: 41]
Austin TX Solar Screens,

Our Solar Screens will Stop the Texas Heat

If you live in the Austin TX metro area, using our Solar Screens Austin TX services, we can INEXPENSIVELY shade your home with Solar Screens that WILL help you reduce your electric bills.
Reduce your Electric Bills with Solar Screens !

With Solar Window Screens shading your windows from the Sun's Light and Heat, your home will stay MUCH cooler, therefore your A/C will not have to work as hard.
This new construction Austin TX home is in a new part of the Avery Ranch subdivision. New subdivision home's commonly lack shade from mature trees. Because new homes typically lack this shade protection, the need for our Solar Screens Austin Texas installation services is much more important. Additionally, with new construction homes, builders tend to use a lot of big windows letting a lot of light and a lot of heat into the home. In most all new constructions, builders like to build vaulted ceilings with windows up high in the vaulted area. When they do this, you will have these huge windows that are not protected by any sort of shade, therefore they are a HUGE portal for the Sun's light and heat. 

Austin TX Solar Screens,
Our Solar Screens are Attractive

Solar Screens are not only good at shading your home's windows from the Sun, but they are good-looking as well. With our five Screen and five Frame color choices for you to choose from, you have twenty-five possible color combinations for your Solar Screens Austin TX home or commercial project.  

With our twenty-five color combinations, you can really enhance the beauty of your Austin TX home or commercial / business!

This customer has an Artistically Beautiful home located in South Austin TX of which they wanted Solar Screens that were attractive to compliment their home's exterior as well as providing good shade from the sun.  

When choosing solar window screens, please strongly consider using solar screens on all your home's windows. The appearance of your house will be enhanced considerably if you have solar screens installed on all your windows.  
Please be sure to request our FREE Solar Windows Screen Sample Kit from our WebSite.  Our Sample Kit will provide you with samples of each of our Screen and Frame colors. These samples are perfect to help assist you when determining what color combination you want for your house. 

Austin TX Solar Screens,
Our Solar Screens provide DayTime Privacy 

Our Austin Solar Screens will give you MUCH privacy during the day. With our Solar Screens, it is difficult to see in the house during the day, but easy to see out. 

A Solar Screen is like having shade tree in front of your window without blocking the view.

This Solar Screens Austin customer wanted the view from the street into her town home obstructed / shielded with solar screens. From the front of her town home she had three windows up top, and the Sliding Door that she wanted shielded. She wanted us to match the painted exterior colors, so we used the solar screen color combination Grey screen and White frame. On the Sliding Door we built a heavy-duty Solar Screen sliding door and a Solar Screen pocket (left side of the Sliding Door) for the sliding door to slide into. Her town home is now private from those on the street (you can't see in, but you can see out). The town home looks great, and the solar screens are now keeping the light and the heat of the sun out.  The Solar Screen advantages were a huge Win-Win-Win for this customer ! ! !



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